Sacred Tear

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Sacred Tear
Sacred Tear Skyloft - Skyward Sword Wii.png
A Sacred Tear from The Goddess's Silent Realm




Fill the Spirit Vessel


Sacred Tears are items found exclusively inside of Silent Realms in Skyward Sword. In each Silent Realm, there are fifteen Sacred Tears. The tears are named after the goddess of the realm they are in, Tears of Din, Tears of Farore, and Tears of Nayru. There are four Silent Realms in the game, but The Goddess's Silent Realm, the one in Skyloft, has no special names for its tears; they are simply known as Sacred Tears. Sacred Tears are very similar to Tears of Light, which are collectible tears in Twilight Princess.


For each Tear Link collects, the Guardians, the protectors of the Silent Realms, are stunned for 90 seconds. However, this ability is reversed if Link steps into Waking Water. When Link picks up a Tear, he stores them in the Spirit Vessel, a container symbolizing his spirit and spiritual growth. Link can also pick up Light Fruit, small white orbs that will create a pillar of light for 30 seconds where the Tears are located. After Link collects all fifteen of the Tears, he must return to the Trial Gate to finish the quest. Each time Link finishes a Silent Realm, he is awarded spiritual growth and a gift from the each Goddess.