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Guard Captain







Russell, also referred to as the Guard Captain, is the Captain of every single Guard protecting the land of New Hyrule.[1]

Spirit Tracks

In Spirit Tracks, Russell spends his time training new recruits in the Castle's Training Room.[2] Russell is a firm believer in the adage, "Practice makes perfect."[3] Link must visit him to acquire the Recruit's Sword in order to visit the Tower of Spirits.[4] Russel will only give Link a sword if he is honest about its use and if Link stops goofing around.[5] Russell will comply and hands Link the sword he so desires, but in order to keep it, he must complete a series of training exercises where he practices using his sword against the Castle Guards.[6] Once the young hero successfully completes each exercise, Russell allows him to keep the sword.

After the completion of the Snow Temple, Link will receive a letter from Russell. The letter is an invitation for the hero to come and show off his skills to the Guard Captain. If Link pays him a visit, Russell will ask if he wishes to play a game.[7] If he agrees, and pays a fee of 20 Rupees, the Guard Captain will begin to explain the rules.[8] The rules include: hit his three guards as many times as possible, without taking too many hits, to receive a prize.[9] If Link wins his game, he will receive a Heart Container. 900 or more hits in the game, will earn Link the distinction of captain in Russell's eyes.

Later on, Link can choose to train with Russell at any time. Depending on the amount of hits he makes, he will be rewarded with various pieces of treasure. These treasures range from something as common as a Pirate Necklace, to something as rare as a Regal Ring.



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