Rito Records

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Rito Records
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Learn more info about the Stormwind Ark

Rito Records is an item from Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom

The Rito Records book can be found on the table Harth is using in the Hebra Trailhead Lodge. It contains information about the Stormwind Ark Legend and Song.

Stormwind Ark Legend

One day, the winds that ought to blow in Rito Village ceased. Then the heavens grew stagnant, and the earth fell to ruin. The villagers looked skyward for a solution. They saw a figure pierce through the unmoving gray clouds and descend swiftly toward them.

Believing no ordinary being could fall from the heavens, the villagers called this figure a god. And the god stood atop a hill day after day, longing to return home to their island in the heavens. The villagers, forgetting their own troubles, tried to carry the god home on their proud wings. Yet who could say how far it might be, the place this god came from? The Rito took flight in turn, each hoping to reach that place above the clouds...Alas, none had wings strong enough.

Seeing this, the god told the leader of the village that returning to the heavens was possible if the Rito gathered materials. Their spirits high, the villagers set about doing so. The god nodded upon seeing the tall pile of materials. This, they understood, would be enough.

The god poured a strange power into the pile, and several small boats were assembled. Cautiously, the villagers boarded. The small vessels began floating up into the air. With the god leading them, the boats rose higher and higher, soon passing through the thick clouds. The vastness of the heavens took the villagers' breath away. Floating islands dotted a clear blue sky. The villagers rejoiced songfully and then, with reluctance, returned to earth.

One day, winds at the village roared back to life. In shock, the villagers looked to the sky. Floating above them was an enormous ship that the god had sent in gratitude. Numerous oars on both sides began to move like wings, soundlessly churning the skies...

Air blew across Hebra once again. The skies cleared, and blooming flowers rose from the ground. The god had given them the blessing of wind. This ark that saved the village from catastrophe came to be known as the Stormwind Ark. So ends the story of the Stormwind Ark that saved the village long ago.

Stormwind Ark Song Lyrics

  • Once, a god fell from heaven, stilling the Hebra winds.
  • The heavens grew lifeless, just as the air below thinned.
  • With the world in upheaval, we pledged to help the lord.
  • A line of ships soaring, built as a passage skyward.
  • The god ascended to heaven, leaving behind an ark.
  • Its winds brought us new life, thanks to its great, divine spark.

Stormwind Ark Song Lyrics translated by Lorulean Historian

『むかし〜 むかしの そのむかし

Long, long ago and longer than that...

かみさま 天からおちてくる

ヘブラの風が 立ち止まり

A God fell from the heavens,

and the winds of Hebra ceased.

風が止まれば 天よどみ

天がよどめば 地もあれる

With the winds ceased, the heavens stagnated.

And with the heavens stagnated, the land fell into ruin.

天変地異で おおわらわ

We were fighting against a natural disaster.

こまった かみさま 見てられぬ

みんなで かみさま 助けよう

The God seemed to observe the sky hopelessly.

And everyone rallied together to help them.

お空に うかぶ ふしぎな小舟

こさえて うかべて 空へとおくる

Mysterious ships that float in the sky!

We will build it, launch it, and float it into the sky!

お空にもどれた かみさまが

お礼にくれた おおきなお船

The God was returned to the sky,

and in thanks they gifted us this great ship.

風をもたらし 天地しずめる…』

The winds were restored,

and both heaven and earth were appeased..."