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| inhab = [[Rin Oyaa]]
| inhab = [[Rin Oyaa]]
| pointsint =  
| pointsint =  
| item = [[Spirit Orb]]
| item = [[Spirit Orb]]<br>[[Ancient Core]]
| natseason =  
| natseason =  
| related =  
| related =  

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Rin Oyaa Shrine






Rin Oyaa Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


Directing the Wind

Lots of possible solutions for this one. First, let's prepare to get the chest. Grab the metal block and place it in the far right alcove (above the ground level in front of the ramp).

Now the platform at the top of the ramp will rise when the orb reaches the slot. One easy method is to use the other metal block to block the orb from reaching the slot, get in position at the top of the ramp, then move the metal block out of the way.

Once you're up there, you can hop across the first metal block you moved in order to reach the chest. Then hop back and head to the altar for your Spirit Orb.