Rickety Coaster

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Rickety Coaster
Rickety Coaster.png





20 Rupees


Reach the end of the track as soon as possible


The Rickety Coaster is a mini-game located in the Shipyard in Skyward Sword. It is run by the Goron Gortram. Access to the Rickety Coaster is unlocked after defeating Tentalus in the Sandship. Playing the mini-game sets Link back 20 Rupees.[1] The goal of the mini-game is to reach the finish in a mine cart avoiding traps in a designated time period. Two difficulties are offered: "Scary" and "Heart Stopping". If Link completes the Heart Stopping mine cart challenge in under 1:10, he is rewarded with Rupees[2] or Treasure. If Link completes this task in under 1:05, he earns a Piece of Heart.[3]



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