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Ralera (Wife)

Rhodes is a character in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Rhodes lives in Hateno Village with his wife Ralera at the far southeast part of town. He works odd hours of the day, waking up at 9pm each day to go to work.[1] Each evening, Rhodes will walk up the road and sit on a stool near a tree where he will watch guard over the windmills in the village. Rhodes and his wife Ralera are both on guard, taking shifts watching over the windmills.[2] Rhodes' shift will end at 5am each morning and he will head back home to go to bed.[3]

Link can chat with him and proclaim himself to be either lost, a thief, or a traveler. If Link says he's lost, Rhodes will point Link towards The Great Ton Pu Inn, just to the west of his home.[4] If Link says he is a thief, Rhodes will laugh at it, thinking that Link is joking. He'll play along, telling Link that he is under arrest.[5] If Link says he is a traveler, Rhodes will just say that Link looks harmless enough.[6]

After talking to Rhodes, if Link stated that he was lost or a thief, Rhodes will remember, and will address him accordingly, referring to him as a lost boy or robber man.[7][8]

While he is on guard watch, he will be sitting next to a torch. Link can ask him what it is, but Rhodes himself is not quite sure. He mentions that the director up at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab lights it with a blue flame and will point Link in the direction of the lab.[9]



  1. Hello and good evening. It's about time I started work... So what's your business out of doors tonight? - Rhodes
  2. What's it look like? I'm keeping watch over the windmills. Me devoted wife and I stand guard day and night. She's not here right now, I mean. It's more of a...time-sharing sort of thing. My love for her is so powerful that she suggested we take shifts. That way it feels more special when we're together! Funny, that was going to be my question to you! What are you doing skulking around in the dead of night? - Rhodes
  3. I'm headed to bed. The day shift is up to my lovely wife. - Rhodes
  4. Hahaha, really? Well, they say everyone is lost in the woods of life. Or words to that effect. The inn is down the hill, past the bridge. They've got soft beds and reasonable rates there if you want a night's sleep. - Rhodes
  5. Haha, you want to play guards and bandits? Sure, OK. "You're under arrest!" Satisfied? - Rhodes
  6. Are you, now. Well, that's fine. You seem harmless enough. - Rhodes
  7. Well hello there, lost boy. - Rhodes
  8. Uh-oh, it's the robber man! Hide your jewels and heirlooms! - Rhodes
  9. This? Good question. I'm not quite sure myself. But apparently the director at the Hateno Ancient Tech Lab lights it with a blue flame. The Hateno Ancient Tech Lab is at the top of this hill. Mark the smoke pouring from the chimney, and you'll find it. Nobody lives there but a weird old man and a strange old lady. Only the kids in town are foolish enough to go near it. - Rhodes