Relentless as a Waterfall

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Relentless as a Waterfall

"A huge swarm of Guardians has laid siege to Akkala Citadel. The party, along with the Divine Beast Vah Ruta, heads toward the battle to try and break the siege."

— In-game description

Relentless as a Waterfall is the first scenario of Age of Calamity Chapter 6.

  • Victory Condition:
  • Defeat Condition:



Despair and Hope

"Wave after wave of Guardians and monsters threaten to break through Akkala Citadel's formidable defenses. Many among the defenders worry that defeat is unavoidable. Robbie, however, is certain that rescue will arrive in time."

— In-game Gallery description

Relentless as a Waterfall [text]

"With the help of those who had traveled from beyond time, the fated party fought with all of their strength to fend off the unending waves of Guardians and monsters. Despite their efforts, Hyrule remained embroiled in a grueling battle..."

— In-game Gallery description

With Vah Ruta

"Mipha and Sidon pilot the Divine Beast Vah Ruta toward Akkala Citadel. Upon arrival, they discover the Hyrulean army in dire need of help. The siblings team up and hurry to join the battle!"

— In-game Gallery description

Sibling Bonds

"Breaking through the enemy's siege of Akkala Citadel, Zelda and the others enter the walls and reinforce the defenders. Aboard Vah Ruta, Mipha and Sidon cover their advance, and in a brief moment, Mipha expresses happiness at the kind of Zora her brother has become."

— In-game Gallery description


Character Speaking Dialogue

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