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Artwork from Hyrule Historia






Joe (Brother)

Rei is a girl from Spirit Tracks who resides within Aboda Village. Her family, consisting of her father, mother, and her older brother Joe make up the majority of the population of the small town. She seems to have a sibling rivalry with Joe, at one point asking Link that if he sees Joe, he should "get him".[1]

When Link first runs near Rei, she calls him over, teaching Link that they must tap a character to speak with them.[2] After chatting with Rei, she asks Link if he can clear the rocks that are blocking the entrance to her house, explaining that Link can pick them up by just tapping on them.[3] After clearing the four rocks that are in front of Rei's house, Link can speak with her once again and she rewards him with 20 Rupees.[4]

Later in the game, Rei explains Tag Mode to Link so that he can trade treasures with other people.[5]




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  5. "Hey, you collect treasure, right, [Link]? Did you know you can trade treasures and things with other people? Yeah, you can even trade stuff with complete strangers! I hear you can do this in something called Tag Mode. Here's how it works. Choose the items to trade, and when you start a game, select Tag Mode. Honestly, I don't really understand it myself..." — Rei, Spirit Tracks.