Red Tunic

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Red Tunic (Goron's Tunic for Oot)




Attack 2x
More heat immunity


The Red Tunic is a special tunic only in the games Link's Awakening, and Ocarina of Time. However, both tunics in each game serve a different purpose than the other.

Ocarina of Time

Main article: Goron Tunic

Link obtains the Goron Tunic from the Goron leader Darunia's son. Link can also purchase one from the shop in Goron City. This special article of clothing allows Link to survive in Death Mountain Crater, and enter the Fire Temple.

Link's Awakening

In Link's Awakening, the Red Tunic serves a completely differnt purpose than in Ocarina of Time. Firstly, it is not required to complete the game and is optional to aquire. You can only get this tunic in the DX version of the game in the Color Dungeon. After completeing the dungeon, the Great Fairy will give you an option to have more power or defense. The Red Tunic will grant you double attack power, while the Blue Tunic gives double defense.