Red Stalfos

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Red Stalfos
Red Stalfos from The Minish Cap




A Link to the Past
1-2 Heart.png Bone Toss (two hits)
The Minish Cap
1-4 Heart.png Contact
1-2 Heart.png Jump Attack

Red Stalfos are recurring enemies in The Legend of Zelda series. They are one of many variants of the Stalfos, and their relative strength differs from different games.

The Adventure of Link

In The Adventure of Link, the Red Stalfos is weaker than their Blue Stalfos counterparts. They will drop 30 Experience Points when defeated. They appear at the start of the game, found in the first dungeon, Parapa Palace.

Red Stalfos
StalfosRed-Sprite-AOL.png Experience Points 30
Item Drop Red Magic Jar or 200 exp Point Bag
Enemy Habitat Parapa Palace
Combat Data

A Link to the Past


Red Stalfos first appear within the Tower of Hera, found alongside their Blue Stalfos counterparts. Red Stalfos move around the room just as Blue Stalfos and will jump away when Link tries to harm him with his sword. After the Red Stalfos jumps away, it will toss a bone in Link's direction that can harm Link. Despite this additional attack, the tossed bone does very little damage to Link. Link will need to sustain two hits from the tossed bone, just to lose a ½ heart of damage.

Despite its color difference, the Red Stalfos still takes just two hits from Link's Fighter's Sword to defeat. Likewise, the Red Stalfos does the same amount of damage when it comes into contact with Link.

The Minish Cap

In The Minish Cap, Red Stalfos appear late in the game within the Palace of Winds. Much like in A Link to the Past, Red Stalfos will walk around Link and when they spot Link, they will begin to spin, tossing a bone out towards Link. The bone attack is thrown quickly, but only does ¼ heart of a damage. Red Stalfos have the same health as their Blue Stalfos counterparts, which will take two sword slashes with the White Sword to defeat them.

Link can use a Gust Jar to pull the head off of the Red Stalfos. At this point the enemy will lose its ability to jump and will instead wander aimlessly. The Red Stalfos also loses its ability to toss bones out towards Link.