Red Chuchu Jelly

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Red Chuchu Jelly
Red Chuchu Jelly.png



Defeating Fire Chuchus
Setting Chuchu Jelly on fire


10 Rupees
5 Mon


Enhancing Armor
Making Elixirs


"A jiggly substance that normally comes from a Fire Chuchu. It consistently gives off heat. If struck, it will explode in a ball of flame."

— In-Game Description


Red Chuchu Jelly is a material found in Breath of the Wild. They can be obtained as a drop from Fire Chuchus typically found in areas with blistering hot climates, such as Death Mountain. Regular Chuchu Jelly can be set on fire using fire-based weapons, or simply placed in locations where the air is on fire to create a red chuchu jelly. Red Chuchu Jelly can be sold to shop-vendors such as Beedle for 10 Rupees each. Alternatively, they can also be traded with Kilton at his shop, the Fang and Bone, for 5 Mon each.


Link can use Red Chuchu Jelly to upgrade the Snowquill Set. The Level 1 upgrades of the Snowquill Tunic, Snowquill Trousers, and Snowquill Headdress will require 3 Red Chuchu Jelly in order to upgrade it. Furthermore, the Level 2 upgrades require 5 more Red Chuchu Jelly, as well as 3 Warm Safflinas.


Like other monster parts, Red Chuchu Jelly can be cooked with Bugs, Frogs, or Lizards, to create Elixirs. The jelly doesn't add anything of substance while cooking, but it is required to make the Elixir. If Link adds chuchu jelly to a dish with regular food, or if Link exclusively cooks monsters parts, this will result in Link making Dubious Food.

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