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"Rewind" an object's movement
Activate Dragon's Tears

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Recall is an ability in Tears of the Kingdom, which allows the user to "rewind" time.

Tears of the Kingdom

After Link makes it past the Closed Door of the Temple of Time on Great Sky Island, he sees a secret stone floating in the air. Touching it gives him a vision of the missing Princess Zelda, who takes the hand of his new Zonai right arm. The arm glows with energy, which concentrates onto the back of his hand, where a symbol appears. When Link looks up from this, he is back in the normal Temple of Time, with no sign of either Zelda or the secret stone.

Rauru's ghost recognises the new power as Recall, "the ability to reverse the movement of an object through time", but does not understand the vision. Link uses the new power to reverse two cogs, raising him up to the next room. However, he fails to make it through another locked door, this one tied to his "vitality". Following this, Rauru sends him to Nachoya Shrine, which Recall is essential to access and complete, to have four Lights of Blessing and allow him to obtain another Heart Container from the temple's Goddess Statue and pass the door. After he does so, he does not see Zelda, but sees a mysterious light floating in mid-air. The Decayed Master Sword bades him to place it into the light, which acts as a supercharged Recall, sending the sword back thousands of years in time.

From the surface, Recall can be used on Sky Objects in order to reach the Sky Islands up in the sky.

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