Razor Sword

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Razor Sword

The Razor Sword is an item in Majora's Mask and Soul Calibur II.

Majora's Mask

The Razor Sword is the first upgrade to the Kokiri Sword in Majora's Mask. To acquire it, Link must have approximately 100 Rupees, and it cannot be the final day. Then, Link must go to the Mountain Smithy and pay the man there 100 Rupees; it takes a day to finish the sword. Unfortunately, the Razor Sword will only be "razored" for one hundred strikes, then it will turn back to normal. Link must have the Razor Sword before getting the Gilded Sword.

Non-Canon Appearances

This section describes a subject that is or may be outside the core Zelda canon.

Soul Calibur II

In Soul Calibur II, the Razor Sword is one of Link's many weapons. The weapon is purchased in the Weapon Master Mode, in the first region of the mode, Regulus. It is the first weapon that can be purchased to be used by Link. It has a higher attack power than the Master Sword, though it lacks the reach of the blade, and Link takes damage when blocking with this weapon.