Ravio's Shop

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Ravio's Shop



Link's house


Ravio's Shop is the central shop in A Link Between Worlds where Link can rent or purchase items for his inventory. The store opens when Link gets the zora's flippers. When the shop first opens you can only rent items, after you get the Master Sword you can buy items. Every day two items can be rented for less.

Available Items

Name Rent (Rupees) Buy (Rupees)
Ice rod.jpg Ice Rod 100 1200
Fire rod.jpg Fire Rod 100 1200
Sand rod.jpg Sand Rod 50 800
Tornado rod.jpg Tornado Rod 50 800
Bow.jpg Bow 50 800
Hammer.jpg Hammer 50 800
Bomb2.png Bomb 50 800
Hookshot2.jpg Hookshot 50 800
Boomerang2.jpg Boomerang 50 800