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Ravio's Shop
Link renting the Hammer in Ravio's Shop




Ravio's Shop is the central shop in A Link Between Worlds where Link can rent or purchase items for his inventory. It starts off when Link meets Ravio and he needs a place to stay. Once he is in Link's house for a while, he sets up shop. The store opens after either Link gets the Zora's Flippers, or gets the Power Glove and enters the Death Mountain cave. When the shop first opens, Link can only rent items. However, after Link obtains all three Pendants of Virtue, he can buy items that he can keep permanently. When Link dies, all rented items are taken by Sheerow, Ravio's bird, and go back to Ravio. Link wakes up in his room as Ravio talks a little about his defeat. Afterwards, Link can buy items again. Ravio sells Link his first item for half of its price. Unlike the other items, the Sand Rod is originally being rented by Osfala, so Link must first rescue him in Thieves' Hideout before the rod becomes available in Ravio's Shop. Once Link rents all the items, Ravio is seen relaxing on the ground. Ravio says that retirement gave him a new outlook on life. If Link goes to the big bag of rupees he put on one side of the room, Ravio would yell at him not to mess with it. Additionally if Link finds ten Maiamais and owns an item from Ravio's shop, he can take it to Mother Maiamai in order to have the item upgraded.

Available Items

Name Rent (Rupees) Buy (Rupees)
ALBW-ice-rod.png Ice Rod 100 1200
ALBW-fire-rod.png Fire Rod 100 1200
ALBW-sand-rod.png Sand Rod 50 800
ALBW-tornado-rod.png Tornado Rod 50 800
Bow (ALBW).png Bow 50 800
ALBW-hammer.png Hammer 50 800
ALBW-bomb.png Bomb 50 800
Hookshot (ALBW).png Hookshot 50 800
ALBW-boomerang.png Boomerang 50 800


  • When Link tries to go near Ravio's Rupee bag in his shop, Ravio gets mad and tells him that there is something more important than life itself in the bag.