Rabbitland Rescue

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The Rabbitland Rescue is a train station found in Spirit Tracks. It is found on the western portion of the Forest Realm, west of the Forest Sanctuary and southwest of the Forest Temple.

Catching Bunnies

On Link's way to the Snow Realm in search of the Snow Sanctuary, he will come across this station and its lone Hylian inhabitant, the Rabbitland Rescue Man. This fellow will explain to Link that this place is a haven for rabbits; a place where they can get some much-needed frolicing.[1] After making sure Link is 120% devoted to frolicing with the bunnies,[2] he will give Link the Rabbit Net, and explain to him that Link must first catch bunnies in order to frolic with them, as frolicing with someone else's caught bunny is wierd.[3][4] With this Link heads off, in search of Rabbits.


There are also many rewards that Link can obtain by catching Rabbits and bringing them to the Rabbitland Rescue. The table below shows the rewards and how to get them.

Number of Rabbits Reward
Heart Container
Swordsman's Scroll #1

In addition to those prizes, Link will receive 5 Rupees for every Grass Rabbits he brings and 10 Rupees for every Snwo Rabbit he brings to the Rabbitland Rescue.

Force Gem

After Link has completed the Ocean Temple, a strange woman in Castle Town will tell Link that her rabbit-loving husband has vanished and she is very concerned of his whereabouts.[5] She asks Link if he knows where he is, and Link will bring her to the Rabbitland Rescue, much to her delight.[6] After she gets off the train, she will see her husband and get all excited, pondering what to say to him since it has been so long.[7][8] She proceeds to walk up to her husband and yell at him for wearing that ridiculous outfit and for frolicking with the bunnies again.[9][10] She will stomp off back to the train, and request Link drives her back to Castle Town.[11] However, once Link goes to the train and prepares to drive her home, she changes her mind, saying she will stay and try to understand her husband's obsession with rabbits.[12][13] She thanks Link for the ride, and gives him a Force Gem. This gem reveals Spirit Tracks west of the Forest Sanctuary, allowing Link access to two new Grass Rabbits.