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This article is about the character from A Link Between Worlds. For the character from A Link to the Past, see Loyal Sage.









Seres (Daughter)
Philosopher (Lorulean Counterpart)

The Priest is a character from A Link Between Worlds. He is a kind man and is the father of Seres, one of the descendants of the Seven Sages. He can be found within the Sanctuary, a location just south of Death Mountain within Hyrule.

Before Link tries to deliver the sword to the Captain, he can find the Priest within the Sanctuary, completing his morning preparations.[1]

Early in the game, Yuga storms the Sanctuary and turns the Captain into a drawing on the wall.[2] Despite threats by the Priest,[3] Yuga also turns the Priest's daughter, Seres, into a painting.[4] After Seres has been turned into a painting, the Priest questions how Link got into the Sanctuary, but encourages him to run away as not even the Captain stood a chance against Yuga.[5] After Yuga leaves, the Priest states that Princess Zelda must be warned.[6]

The Priest is the corresponding character to the Loyal Sage from A Link to the Past.

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