Practice Sword

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The Practice Sword is an item in Skyward Sword. It is the first sword that Link acquires in the game. It can be found within the Sparring Hall at the northwest portion of Skyloft. After Fledge informs Link that Groose and his friends hid his Loftwing near the waterfall, Pipit warns Link that it is dangerous. He suggests that Link asks Eagus, the Knight Commander in the Sparring Hall, if he can borrow a sword.[1] Eagus is impressed that Link wants to practice with his sword on the day of the Wing Ceremony.[2] However, he stops Link when he tries to exit the hall with the sword in tow because swords are not allowed outside the hall except when being used by knights.[3] Fortunately, after Link explains the situation about his missing Loftwing, Eagus makes an exception as long as Link uses the sword responsibly and practices plenty before leaving.[4] Using the Practice Sword, Link can finally cut down the barrier in front of the Waterfall Cave and defeat the enemies inside.

Practice Sword
Model from Skyward Sword




Defeating enemies

The Practice Sword is extremely weak, but it is luckily quickly replaced by the Goddess Sword after Link has won the Wing Ceremony.


  1. "One more thing, [Link]! If you're going out to the waterfall, remember that there are some dangerous things there. Creepy, crawly things. You'll need to carry a sword. I think I saw the Knight Commander go into the Sparring Hall a while ago. You should go ask him if you can borrow one!" — Pipit, Skyward Sword.
  2. "Hey! It's [Link]! So you still want to get in some sword practice, even though today is the Wing Ceremony? I'm impressed. The sword is in the back room. Go on back there and get it. I'll be here for a while, so if there's anything you don't understand about handling a sword, go ahead and ask." — Eagus, Skyward Sword.
  3. "Hey! [Link]! You can't take swords outside of the Sparring Hall. What do you think you're doing sneaking out with that?!" — Eagus, Skyward Sword.
  4. "What? Your Loftwing is missing? You want to go look for it? Well I guess I could make an exception just this once. But remember that Skyloft is a peaceful place. Only knights carry swords! So I don't want to see you swinging it around like crazy out there! I don't want to get in a ton of trouble over this, so here's the deal... Make sure you get plenty of practice on these logs first, and once you get outside with that sword, only use it when you absolutely have to, got it?" — Eagus, Skyward Sword.