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|name = Potava
|name = Potava
|image = [[File:Potava.png]] <br> ''Potava from The Wind Waker''
|image = [[File:Potava.png]] <br> ''Potava from The Wind Waker''

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Potava from The Wind Waker




Potava is a character in The Wind Waker that lives on Windfall Island. Potava is small girl that is one of the little girls who spread rumors on Windfall Island along with her friend Joanna.

Potova, along with Joanna, are called The Little Tipsters, although they express confusion on what that means, and how they obtained the nickname. They like to stay in Windfall Island, outside the city walls. They claim they won't tell Link any secrets, but if Link gives them each 1 Rupee, they will tell Link a secret anyway. They will sometimes give Link information regarding the Traveling Merchants, and they will also sometimes tell Link of certain pots hidden on Windfall Island. Occasionally, however, they will trick Link, and tell him nothing.