Poe Soul

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This article is about the collectible in Twilight Princess. For the collectible in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask, see Poe Spirit.
Poe Soul
Poe Souls.png
Artwork from Twilight Princess



All over Hyrule


Restores Jovani's Soul

Poe Souls are collectible items that can be torn from any Imp Poe in Twilight Princess. There are 60 to find in total, and the reward for finding all 60 is unlimited Rupees from Jovani. Poes can only be seen during the dark in the overworld and are often found in caves. Ripping a Poe Soul from a Poe must be done as Wolf Link after it has been injured and falls to the ground.


For information on each Imp Poe location, visit this page.