Piece of the Key

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Piece of the Key




Creates the full key leading to the Earth Temple

A Piece of the Key is an item that appears in Skyward Sword. There are five key pieces in total that are scattered around the Eldin Volcano in Eldin Province. Once they are all gathered, they form a large, almost circular key that can be used to open the Earth Temple.


Link first hears of the pieces of the key just outside of the entrance to the temple, where Ledd is telling Cobal that the key is buried somewhere nearby.[1] The two Mogmas plan on sneaking inside of the temple and stealing the Treasure within.[2] However, Cobal then points out that they can simply dig their way in.[3]

Fi, determining that the key pieces are made of the same material in the Earth Temple's door, sets the pieces as dowsing targets.[4][5] Link can find the five pieces buried under the ground in different spots around Eldin. They all must be retrieved from the ground using the Digging Mitts.


First Piece

The closest piece is found in a hole just to the left of where Link hears the Mogmas mention the key.

Second Piece

The second piece is even farther to the left in a hole at the bottom of a small hill. A large tower stands over top of the piece of the key, but it can be knocked over using the Bomb Flower nearby.

Third Piece

Like the previous piece, Link must roll a Bomb Flower down a steep, sandy hill. This time, it is necessary to destroy a rock that blocked the hole containing the third piece of the key.

Fourth Piece

After climbing up the mountain for a while, Link finds another steep hill that he can slide down. One key piece is located on the right side when the path down the hill divdes. Link can stop on a flat surface where vents of air are shooting into the sky nearby. By jumping on these air vents and using the Sailcloth at just the right time, Link will be propelled to a ledge that once again has a hole concealing the fourth piece of the key.

Fifth Piece

Once he reaches the bottom of the hill, there is a room filled mostly with lava to the right. If Link explodes a Bomb Flower just outside of the room, he destroys a rock that was formerly plugging up all of the lava, which allows the fluid to drain out. The lava level is then low enough for him to roll another Bomb Flower across the room into a cracked rock. Exploding it reveals the final piece. Link then takes it to the Earth Temple to open it up and continue his search for Zelda.[6]


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