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Penn is a Rito found in Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom


— Penn's standard goodbye.

Penn can be found first at Lookout Landing, standing right next to the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower after it has been activated. He'll congratulate Link on being the first person to get launched from the Skyview Tower.[1]

Penn works for the Lucky Clover Gazette, where he is a writer and is currently working on the Skyview Towers being activated.[2] Penn encourages Link to come join the team as a reporter. He will then take off and fly back to Rito Village.[3]

Penn initially doesn't know who Link is, commenting that he has the same name as the famous swordsman, and not knowing that Link is actually the same person.[4][5] After Link and Penn work together for awhile and complete a few missions, Penn will reward Link with a Lucky Clover Gazette Fabric. He mentions that the Kochi Dye Shop at Hateno Village has recently opened up a new service, having something to do with fabrics.[6]

Potential Princess Sightings!

Main article: Potential Princess Sightings!

Link can speak with him at the Lucky Clover Gazette, where Penn is excited that Link made the trip all the way out there. Penn will tell Link that the place location they are at was once a Stable, but Traysi cheated out the owner into getting the location.[7] Although Traysi quickly dissmisses those claims, saying she bought the place from the owner in a fair, mutually beneficial agreement.[8]

After Penn introduces Link to Traysi, this will begin the Potential Princess Sightings! quest.[9][10][11]

Traysi dismisses Penn so that Link and her can talk alone. Here, Traysi will make Penn and Link partners.[12][13][14] Traysi asks that the two visit the stables across Hyrule to obtain information about Princess Zelda sightings and other weird occurrences. Beginning this quest will cause Penn to show up at all the various stables throughout Hyrule.[15][16][17]

Serenade to a Great Fairy

Main article: Serenade to a Great Fairy

Penn will appear at Woodland Stable where he can be seen standing by Violynne and Mastro. Speaking to them will begin the Serenade to a Great Fairy quest. Here, Link will first need to repair Violynne and Mastro's wagon, Breezer, by fusing two Wheels to it. Then Link can speak to the pair and they'll hop in the wagon. Link can then take out a Horse from the Stable, as well as a Towing Harness. After attaching the towing harness, to the wagon, Link can ride north towards the Great Fairy Bud.

After arriving, Violynne and Mastro will play a song, causing the Great Fairy Tera to appear. Penn will arrive shortly to find that Link has helped out the situatoin.[18] After hearing what Tera had to say, Penn jots down that the mysteriously girl looked like Princess Zelda, but wasn't actually Princess Zelda.[19] After jotting this down, Penn will reward Link before then flying away.[20]

For Our Princess!

Main article: For Our Princess!

Penn appears outside of the Foothill Stable where he will comment about all of the men in their underpants.[21] Penn has heard that Princess Zelda had ordered all of the members of the Zonai Survey Team to dress in such a way.[22] Penn comments that there area is quite dangerous around here. While it was once common for travelers to make their way up to Goron City on this route, travelers now take the easier route from Woodland Stable. With less travelers passing through, monsters have made their home in the area.[23] Despite the danger, these under-dressed men insist on following Zelad's orders and some of them have traveled to the Foothill Monster Den, but have yet to come back.[24] Penn is flustered why Zelda would give such a reckless order.[25]

After Link travels to the Foothill Monster Den and defeats the Monsters, he can return to Foothill Stable and speak with the survey team. After learning of the miscommunication where Princess Zelda's orders were actually to explore "all other paths", instead of explore "in underpants", this will complete the quest and the survey team will put their clothes back on. Penn comments that the team botched the listening part and overdid the doing part.[26] He'll reward Link before flying away.



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