Palace on the Sea

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Palace on the Sea
Palace on the Sea.png






Placement of one of the Crystals



The Ocean Palace also known as the Palace on the Sea and Water Palace is the fifth dungeon in The Adventure of Link. It is a large and complex palace constructed from green bricks. The Flute is found here, and the boss is Gooma, one of the harder foes Link encounters in his rigorous adventure.

The dungeon is located on a tiny island in eastern Hyrule and is reachable only after obtaining the Boots from the Maze Island Palace. The dungeon is maze-like with the flute concealed behind a fake wall. The Flute only has two purposes in the game: Destroying the River Devil blocking the path to Southeastern Hyrule and making the Hidden Palace appear. An abundance of Point Bags as well as tough foes including Blue Iron Knuckles and Magos ensures this is a rewarding area for experience.