Ore Deposit

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Ore Deposits (383 in the Hyrule Compendium) are treasures found in Breath of the Wild. Ore deposits are small juts of dark stone typically found at the base of cliffs in rocky areas that will drop precious stones, Rock Salt, and Flint when broken.

Ore Deposit

"This deposit contains a good deal of ore. Breaking the rock will yield rock salt, flint, and other materials of varying value."

— In-Game Description

Breaking ore deposits requires Link to smash it with a weapon or to blow it up using a Remote Bomb. Using large, two-handed weapons requires fewer hits than smaller swords or spears. While using a weapon causes damage to the weapon, using a remote bomb will cause the materials recovered from the ore to scatter across the landscape.

Albeit unusual, there's the possibility that these deposits yield no ore.

Recoverable Materials