Old Man Ulrira

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Old Man Ulrira
Official Artwork of Ulrira from Link's Awakening (2019)



Ulrira, referred to as Old Man Ulrira in the HD remaster is a shy old man from Link's Awakening. He helps Link on his quest by answering his calls in one of the many Telephone Booths throughout Koholint Island, providing useful hints and information.[1] He lives in a house in Mabe Village with Grandma Ulrira, but he does not speak much. If Link enters the house and attempts to speak with him, he requests that he uses the phone outside to call him.[2]

Ulrira does not reveal much about himself in his conversations, although he does say that the Flying Rooster used to give him rides when he was a boy.[3] His only other comment about his childhood is mentioning that he saw Eagle's Tower in the distance when he was younger.[4]

In the DX version of Link's Awakening, the Photographer will take a picture of Ulrira titled "Link Discovers Ulrira's Secret" if Link walks up to the window outside of his house.[5][6]


Known as the Grandpa Ulrira in The Legend of Zelda: Encyclopedia, the character was renamed as the Old Man Ulrira in the 2019 Remake.



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