Nero Hill

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Nero Hill

Nero Hill is a location on the Tabantha region in Breath of the Wild.


Nero Hill is located west of the Tanagar Canyon and the Tabantha Tower can be found at the peak of the canyon. There are steep elevations in all four directions of Nero Hill, but there is enough space for Link to easily climb up.

As Link scales the hill, he'll encounter several enemy Black Moblin on the east side of the hill. They are huddled around a campfire with a number of weapons surrounding them, including a Rusty Claymore, Traveler's Spear, Rusty Halberd, Traveler's Claymore, Soldier's Spear, Soldier's Claymore, and a Royal Claymore. As Link climbs the mountain, he'll encounter some Malice that will block his path. In some instances, there are Malice Eyeballs that Link can defeat, causing much of the malice in the area to disappear.




Nearby Korok Seeds

Under a rock behind corrupted area. Shoot the eye to clear the corruption.

Shoot the eye, pick up the rock.

Reach the circle before the time limit. The seed platform is on the curved ledge to the southwest.

Race to the ring.