Mrs. Ruul's Villa

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Mrs. Ruul's Villa
Mrs. Ruul's Villa Interior





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Villa de Mme Ruul (Mrs. Ruul’s Villa)
Spain Español Residencia de la Sra. Ruul (Mrs. Ruul’s Residence)
Germany Deutsch Frau Ruuls Villa (Mrs. Ruul’s Villa)
Italy Italiana Villa di Mrs. Ruul (Mrs. Ruul’s Villa)

Mrs. Ruul's Villa[1] is a location in Oracle of Seasons. It is located near the southwest portion of the Holodrum Plain and serves as a vacation home for Mrs. Ruul, who is the wife of Mayor Ruul, the mayor of Horon Village.

The main attraction of the house is a large pool in the top-right, which Mrs. Ruul refers to as the Soothing Pool.[2] The pool takes up a large portion of the house, only leaving room for some dressers and a sitting table. Mrs. Ruul can be found standing beside the table in the bottom-left.

This locations plays a part in the Oracle of Seasons Trading Sequence. If Link enters the villa and talks to Mrs. Ruul, she reveals to Link that is it so hot, and that she needs something creepy to send chills down her spine.[2] With this information, Link can bring Mrs. Ruul the Ghastly Doll that he received from Maple, which Mrs. Ruul asks to have after she sees it.[3] As thanks, Mrs. Ruul gives Link the fine Iron Pot in exchange.[4] She also allows Link to swim in her Soothing Pool.[5]

Mrs. Ruul can be found inside her villa for the rest of the game, calling Link a "cheeky kid" every time he talks to her.[6]



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