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Mr. Write
Mr. Write Artwork





Mr. Write is a character in Link's Awakening. He lives in a house just north of the Mysterious Forest,[1] which can be reached by jumping over some pits with Roc's Feather. He is a part of the Trading Sequence.


Mr. Write enjoys writing letters and is often alone, writing them to himself.[2][3] He often writes letters to Christine, a woman in Animal Village. She sends him photographs of a different woman, which is a reference to Princess Peach of the Mario series, who he thinks is beautiful.[4]

Once Link brings the Hibiscus to Christine, she asks him to deliver her Letter to Mr. Write. He is extremely happy, so he gives Link the Broom in return.[5][6] He immediately begins composing a response to Christine.[7]

Although he only appeared in Link's Awakening, his counterpart Dr. Left appears in Oracle of Seasons and The Minish Cap.




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