Mount Taran's Solitary Masters

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Mount Taran's Solitary Masters





Key Characters



Spear: Bonus Combo

Mount Taran's Solitary Masters is a quest for Link found in Age of Calamity. It is unlocked after completing The Yiga Clan Attacks! Chapter 2 scenario, and is located at the icon of Link at Mount Taran, which a bit northwest of Lurelin Village.

"Legend has it that an elusive pair of spear masters live up on Mount Taran. Link will have to take a stealthy approach if he wants to watch them train without being spotted."

— Quest text

"To Link's surprise, the legendary spear masters of Mount Taran turned out to be...Hinoxes?! Still, watching them train together definitely improved his skills."

— Quest Complete text

Materials Needed


  • Spear: Bonus Combo