Mount Lanayru

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Mount Lanayru

Mount Lanayru is a location found in Breath of the Wild.


Mount Lanayru is a large mountain, located north of Hateno Village, where it is the largest mountain that is part of the Lanayru Range. Given its higher elevation and colder climate, Link will need to wear armor that has Cold Resistance, such as the Snowquill Set, in order to survive the colder climate.

Naydra, one of the three dragons, can be found at the peak of Mount Lanayru, near the Spring of Wisdom. Initially Naydra is trapped at the peak of the mountain, but Link is able to free him as part of The Spring of Wisdom shrine quest. This will give Link access to the Jitan Sa'mi Shrine, near the peak of the mountain.

Just northwest of the mountain's peak, there is an ice block that can be melted to find a Korok. A second ice block with a Korok is found a bit further away, also northwest of the peak. To the northeast of the peak, there are some trees with a ton of Chillshrooms around the area. There is also a circle of rocks with one missing rock. Place the rock in the proper spot to get another Korok Seed.

The Spring of Wisdom

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If Link speaks with Medda at Hateno Village, this will begin The Spring of Wisdom shrine quest, where Medda guides Link to the top of Mount Lanayru. When Link reaches the peak, he will find Naydra trapped. After eliminating one of the Malice Eyeballs from Naydra's body, the dragon will be free and will fly around the mountain. Link will need to follow Naydra around Mount Lanayru, the Madorna Mountain, and Naydra Snowfield, eliminating the three remaining Malice Eyeballs.

Once all the Malice Eyeballs are gone, Link will return to the top of the mountain where he can then shoot Naydra with an arrow to get Naydra's Scale. Link can then offer Naydra's Scale to statue to, which will complete the quest.

Jitan Sa'mi Shrine

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The Jitan Sa'mi Shrine is accessed after completing The Spring of Wisdom Shrine Quest. The actual shrine is just a blessing shrine, with the treasure chest containing a Frostspear. After getting the item, Link can speak with Jitan Sa'mi to get a Spirit Orb.