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Moosh is a character who appears in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. He is a blue bear with the power of flight, this also allows Link to be able to fly over pits when riding him. However Moosh cannot fly forever and will eventually land he also cannot fly over water since he is afraid of it. He also has a ground smash attack.

Oracle of Ages

Moosh is encountered in Yoll Graveyard when Link is searching for Cheval's inventions. After Link saves Moosh from a group of Ghini, he will help Link cross the pits that lead to Cheval's Grave.

If Link hasn't received the Strange Flute before entering the Nuun Highlands he will join Link and give him Moosh's Flute.

Oracle of Seasons

Moosh is encountered while Link is exploring Mt. Cucco. Moosh asks Link to get the Spring Bananas that are atop of Mt. Cucco for him. After Link does this Moosh will help Link on his quest to find the key to the Dancing Dragon Dungeon.

If Link has purchased a Strange Flute from the shop after the second dungeon Moosh will join him at Spool Swamp after Link saves him from Moblins, he will then give Link Moosh's Flute.