Moon Gate

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Moon Gate



Creates a path to the Dark World

Moon Gates appear in Four Swords Adventures. They serve as portals to the Dark World. Although they can occasionally be found already available on stages, they often must be opened using a Moon Pearl. However, they can only be seen by certain people.[1] When the Links first arrive in the Village of the Blue Maiden, they find that a certain spot fills them with a strange sensation.[2] The man at the entrance to the village informs them that this is an indication that there is a Moon Gate there and hands them a Moon Pearl to open it.[3] If Link brings a Moon Pearl near any one of these spots, the Moon Gate appears and the pearl vanishes.


  1. "Oh! Travelers! Listen! Calamity has befallen our town! First whirlwinds, and then mages! What are we to do? We need one who can sense the Moon Gates... So if you run across anyone who can do that, well... Be sure to let me know, OK?" — Villager, Four Swords Adventures.
  2. "This place fills you with a strange sensation." — In-Game Text, Four Swords Adventures.
  3. "... Incredible! You can sense the Moon Gates? Then perhaps you can save our village! ...Take a Moon Pearl to the spot where you sensed the Moon Gate. Then, the path you must follow will open." — Villager, Four Swords Adventures.