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*[[Wizzro]]'s Attack Badges
*[[Wizzro]]'s Attack Badges
**Kokiri Sword I: '''Monster Tooth'''
**Kokiri Sword I: '''Monster Tooth'''
**Kokiri Sword II: [[Lizalfos Scale]] x1, '''Monster Tooth'''
**Kokiri Sword II: [[Lizalfos Scale]] x1, '''Monster Tooth x1'''
**Kokiri Sword III: [[ReDead Bandage]] x1, '''Monster Tooth'''
**Kokiri Sword III: [[ReDead Bandage]] x1, '''Monster Tooth x1'''
**Kokiri Sword IV: [[Hylian Captain Gauntlet]] x1, '''Monster Tooth x1'''
**Din's Fire I: [[Dinolfos Fang]] x1, '''Monster Tooth x1'''

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Monster Tooth



Dropped by Stalchild


Making mixtures and certain badges

A Monster Tooth is a material found in Hyrule Warriors. It is dropped at a constant rate upon defeating a Stalchild.


It is used to create badges and solutions in the Bazaar as a bronze material. Badges that the material creates vary based on the character being upgraded.