Middle House

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In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Maison Moyenne (Average House)
Spain Español Casa del Centro (Center House)
Germany Deutsch Haus der Mitte (Middle House)
Italy Italiana Casa Centrale (Central House)

The Middle House[1] is a dwelling found in the center of Symmetry Village in the Past time era of Oracle of Ages. It serves as the main hub of the village, and is also where the pedestal of the Tuni Nut lies.[2] The Tuni Nut is the city's symbol, and is worshiped by the people of the village.[3] Since the Middle House is placed right in the middle of the village, it is perfectly symmetrical, both inside and out, as corresponding with the laws of the city, which say that left and right must be in perfect balance.[3] In the Present, the Middle House is replaced by a Gale Tree.

The Middle House is a fairly large building, taking up two screens. In the bottom-right and bottom-left corners, there are stairs which lead to the basement of the house, where Thomas can be found. Furthermore, the pedestal of the Tuni Nut can be found at the top of the house. In the middle, there are four torches (two on each side). Lastly, the Symmetry City Twins can be found on either side of the torches, just underneath them. The basement of the Middle House is fairly dull, with only a few bookshelves and two pots in the room. Thomas can be found at the very top of the basement. Outside, there is what looks like a book on the roof, suggesting that the Middle House might have been some sort of library in the past.


Cracked Tuni Nut

When Link enters the Symmetry Village area in the Present, the entire area is in ruins, and is referred to as the Symmetry City Ruins.[4] Link can use a nearby Time Portal to warp to the Past, where he can find the village in a shower of eruptions from the nearby volcano. If Link enters the Middle House and speaks with either one of the Symmetry Village Twins, he learns that once the Tuni Nut broke, the city fell out of balance, causing the volcano to erupt.[3] The twin concludes her speech by telling Link that she gave the Cracked Tuni Nut to her husband,[5] who lives in a house in the northwest corner of the village.

Acquiring the Tuni Nut

If Link goes to see her husband, he explains that he cannot leave the city to see Patch because his brother is injured, and if he leaves but his brother does not, the balance of Symmetry City will be lost.[6] However, he soon realizes that Link can ignore the rules of Symmetry City, and so he asks Link to take the Tuni Nut to Patch.[7] If Link accepts, the husband gives Link the Cracked Tuni Nut.[8]

Restoring the City

Once Link has completed the Restoration Ceremony and has repaired the Tuni Nut, he can return to the Symmetry Village and enter the Middle House. With the repaired Tuni Nut in hand, he can walk up to the pedestal and place the Tuni Nut back in its place, restoring balance in the city. With the balance now restored, the volcanic eruptions have seized. If Link uses the Harp of Ages to return to the Present, he finds an entrance to a cave where the volcano is at the northern portion of the village. This cave leads to the fourth dungeon of the game, the Skull Dungeon.

Trading Sequence

This location also plays a part in the trading sequence. If Link goes to the basement of the Middle House and approaches Thomas, Link sees that Thomas is so skinny that he has to sway right and left to keep balance; however, he wishes he could change.[9] As a solution to his problem, Thomas decides to workout, although he only has one Dumbbell,[10] and working one arm at a time is against his policy.[11] If Link visits Thomas with the Dumbbell he received from Mamamu Yan in hand, he is notified that Thomas is fixated at the Dumbbell, and is given the option to give him the Dumbbell.[12] Thomas is glad to have the second Dumbbell, and immediately starts lifting, saying he'll get all the girls now.[13] As thanks, Thomas rips off his Cheesy Mustache and gives it to Link.[14] Link can use this mustache to acquire the next item in the sequence, the Funny Joke.



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