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Nat (Sister)

Meghyn is a character in Breath of the Wild

Breath of the Wild

Meghyn can be found wandering about in the Ginner Woods, located just west of Hateno Village. She is with her sister Nat searching for Hearty Truffles, but the two of them get ambushed by the Blue Bokoblin that are all over the woods. They are running away from the Bokoblin, with one of them occasionally being knocked down and left behind. Meghyn is scared, but entirely blames her sister for the predicament that they are in.[1] When her sister Nat gets hit to the ground, she worries that she might be done for.[2][3]

Even after Link has defeated all the Bokoblins and cleared the forest, the two sisters will continue to argue with one another.[4] It becomes apparent that Meghyn sister Nat is only interested in the truffles as they fetch a high price and she is trying to earn a living.[5][6][7][8]

Despite her safety concerns, Meghyn gives in to her bossy sister, and continues to look for hearty truffles. Knowing that she won't give up on her search. Meghyn takes solace in that the quicker they find some truffles, the quicker this will all be over with.[9][10][11]

Meghyn and Nat can also be found in the Sarjon Woods, just southwest of the Faron Tower. Just like in the Ginner Woods, the two are searching for Hearty Truffles and are ambushed by some Bokoblins. After Link saves them from the monsters, the two will continues their search, looking for truffles. Additionally, Nat and Meghyn can be found along the path, just south of the Foothill Stable, once again getting ambushed by some Bokoblin.[12]

Encounters with Meghyn and Nat award nothing towards Link for rescuing them.

Nat and Meghyn can be found in Hebra as they try to collect mushrooms. Outside of Brightcap Cave the pair will offer the Side Quest Cave Mushrooms That Glow. After helping Nat and Meghyn collect Brightcap Mushrooms, they mention that they have a secret that they cannot let Link be aware of, calling it "that" in their conversation with one another.

Nat and Meghyn later can be found at Snowfield Stable. While mushroom hunting, they set up a tent in Mount Drena Foothill Cave, only to have monsters take over the camping site. They state that they cannot tell Link any information about "that". The pair offer Link the Side Quest The Captured Tent.

For the Who Finds The Haven? Side Quest, Nat and Meghyn can be found inside the Sturnida Springs Cave. [13][14] After Link finds the mushroom haven, Nat and Meghyn approach and marvel at the wonder of the treasure trove of mushrooms around them. They are a bit upset that they didn't find the haven first, and state Link can have the mushrooms as he is the one who found the haven. They then decide to continue exploring the world in search of more mushrooms and take their leave.[15][16][17]



  1. Ooooh... I blame my sister entirely for this. "Let's go hunt for truffles!" she says. "It'll be fun!" she says. It was my sister's harebrained idea to hunt for truffles here that got us into this mess. - Meghyn
  2. Nat! Oh, this is just perfect... - Meghyn
  3. It's not too late for my sister, right? Right? - Meghyn
  4. We were minding our own business, hunting for truffles, and then wham! Monsters out of nowhere. I blame my sister, really. She's the one who refuses to go home until we find some hearty truffles. - Meghyn
  5. Hearty truffles aren't your run-of-the-mill mushrooms you find growing on half the trees in the forest. They're a gourmet treat that soothes your fatigue and brings you back up to tip-top shape! I know that it's dangerous for the two of us to be out here without protection. We've been in our share of scrapes. But there's no reward without risk, right? - Nat
  6. Nat! Try not to make it sound so much like we only care about the money! It's not worth anything if we don't make it back home to spend it, you know? - Meghyn
  7. It'll be fine! Either we get a little practice fighting, or we find more hearty truffles. Win-win, right? - Nat
  8. You are going to be the death of me. - Meghyn
  9. I told Nat that our luck would run out in about five minutes flat if we went truffle hunting here. But when those visions of rupees start dancing in her head, there's no getting through to her anymore. - Meghyn
  10. Less talking, more hunting! Remember, Meghyn, nobody goes home until we find those hearty truffles! - Nat
  11. *sigh* She's right. The sooner we find those truffles, the sooner this will all be over with. - Meghyn
  12. Nooo! Meghyn! - Nat
  13. No doubt, Nat... It's got to be here. Drifting steam? A secret hot spring? This is the place! Except... Not super "bright," is it? - Meghyn
  14. Classic Nat... Charging ahead while I take it slow, collecting mushrooms as I go... Whoa! You? Are you searching for the mushroom haven too? You're in the right place, or near it. It should be down here somewhere. Nat... Well, Nat went ahead to find it without me. - Meghyn
  15. The mushroom haven... actually exists! That message in the field guide was right! And it's as wonderful as we thought. Definitely worth all the effort. - Meghyn
  16. Huh? Go where, Nat? - Meghyn
  17. Honestly, Nat! No need to scare the guy... Thanks for everything. And like she said, take care! - Meghyn