Master Diver's Pupil

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Master Diver's Pupil

The Master Diver's Pupil is a character in Oracle of Ages who appears exclusively in a Linked Game.

Diver Secret

Main article: Diver Secret

After Link has completed Mermaid's Cave and acquired the Tune of Ages, he can venture to the southwest portion of Labrynna and reach Zora Village. From the Gale Tree at the southwest part of the map, Link can swim up two screens and left a screen to find the Master Diver's pupil on the beach. When Link talks to him, he will recognize Link as also being one of the Master Diver's pupils. He has a secret for Link and wants him to tell it to the Master Diver back in the Sunken City within Oracle of Seasons.[1][2]



  1. "Say, aren't you a pupil of the master diver in Holodrum's Sunken City? I have a secret I'd like you to tell to your master. Will you do it? ›Yes ›No" — Master Diver's Pupil, Oracle of Ages.
  2. "I'm counting on you!" — Master Diver's Pupil, Oracle of Ages.