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Smaude (Fellow Guard)

Marta is a character in Breath of the Wild.

Breath of the Wild

Marta is a Gerudo guard who can be found training at the Barracks in Gerudo Town. She can be found training with her Gerudo Spear. She trains alongside Smaude, and both of them train underneath Babi. Both Marta and Smaude seem to think that Babi's training is a bit tough and they are tiring out while training.[1] Marta however thinks that it is the guards fault that the Yiga Clan were able to sneak into town and steal the Thunder Helm. So because of that, she feels that the guards have no room to complain about the intensive training.[2]


  1. Those thieves sure have guts, scheming against us like that. We'd never have lost in a fair fight. But this training... It's so tough... - Smaude
  2. *pant pant*
    Babi's training is really tough, but... It's our fault the thieves were successful. We have no room to complain.
    - Marta