Mamamu Yan's House

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Mamamu Yan's House
Mamamu Yan's House Interior





In Other Languages[show]
Language Name
France Française Maison de Mme Yan (Mrs. Yan’s House)
Spain Español Casa de Mamamu Yan (Mamamu Yan’s House)
Germany Deutsch Mamamu Yans Haus (Mamamu Yan’s House)
Italy Italiana Casa di Mamamu Yan (Mamamu Yan’s House)

Mamamu Yan's House[1] is a location in the southwest portion of Lynna City within Oracle of Ages, in the Present. This is the home of Mamamu Yan, the self-proclaimed top dog breeder in town.[2] This house is one of the more broadly decorated houses in the city, with bookshelves in the top-right, a table to the right, a chair in the top-left corner, and two beds at the bottom-left; one for Mamamu Yan, and the other presumably for her dog. In the Past, the spot where Mamamu Yan's House is where the Ancient Adler's House is.

This location plays a part in the trading sequence. The first time Link enters Mamamu Yan's House and speaks to her, she introduces herself to Link, saying that her dog is much cuter than the other dog, but is shy.[2] She asks Link if he knows of a way to hide its face.[3] If Link visits the home while in possession of the Doggie Mask he received from the Happy Mask Salesman, Mamamu Yan sees the mask and says it's perfect for her dog, and asks to have it.[4] After placing the mask on her dog, she calls Link a good boy, and gives him the last toy her dog played with, a Dumbbell.[5] Even though it is one of a pair, Mamamu Yan says she only had one to begin with.[6] Link can use the Dumbbell to acquire the next item in the trading sequence, the Cheesy Mustache.



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