Maka Rah Shrine

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Maka Rah Shrine

Maka Rah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


At the center of Lake Kilsie, there is an island that sticks out of the water. Use a bomb to break the boulders on this island, creating a wind geyser. Then use the paraglider to fly up and glide directly eastward. An entrance to a cave can seen at the top of the cliff, with torches on each side. Then follow the cave down below and swim across some shallow water to arrive at the shrine.

To reach this shrine, look directly west where the cliff face overlooks Lake Kilsie. Some torches will show the entrance to the cave, near the top of the cliff face. Follow the cave to the end to reach the shrine.

Steady Thy Heart

Run ahead and light the torch on the left. This can be done without even wasting an Arrow. Pull out your bow and dip the arrow in the lit torch to light it on fire and use that to light the other torch.

In the next area, patiently wait for the path to present itself and then quick run across the platform, avoiding the spikes.

Defeat the four Guardian Scout I that appear and then use Cryonis on the shallow water. The treasure chest on the right side contains ten Bomb Arrows, and the switch on the left side will open the large door.

Step on the switch ahead and a large spiked ball will come rolling down, crashing through the wooden boxes ahead.

Run up ahead up the ramp and when you are halfway up, turn around to find some more large blocks. Toss a bomb and explode it to get rid of the blocks and then use Magnesis to grab the treasure. Pull it over towards you and open it to get a Diamond.

Up ahead there is a second treasure chest across the lava. Pull it closer and open it to get an Ancient Core.

Step on the switch here and a metal spiked ball will begin to roll down the ramp. Link can get out of the way and allow the spike to fall down, but it will then reappear. Use Magnesis to grab it when it's close and hold it above your head. Run forward to get to the top of the ramp. Then run over to the altar and speak with Maka Rah to get a Spirit Orb.