Maka Rah Shrine

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Maka Rah Shrine






Maka Rah Shrine is one of the many Shrine of Trials from Breath of the Wild.


To reach this shrine, look directly east where the cliff face overlooks Lake Kilsie. Some torches will show the entrance to the cave, near the top of the cliff face. Follow the cave to the end to reach the shrine.

Steady Thy Heart

Move ahead, and light the torch on the left.

Cross the moving platform, carefully avoiding the spikes, and step on the switch.

Defeat the four Guardian Scout I in the next room. Use Cryonis to reach the chest (10 bomb arrows), and then the switch in the other corner.

Now step on the next switch, and prepare for a metal spike ball to roll straight at you through the wooden boxes ahead.

Once you survive that encounter, run halfway up the ramp and turn around. Blow up the blocks (or use the spiked metal ball to break them) and then retrieve the chest with Magnesis to open it (Diamond)

Now continue to the next switch, and again prepare for a metal spike ball to roll straight at you.

Once you survive that encounter as well, u-turn for a chest in an alcove across the way (Ancient Core). Retrieve it with Magnesis.

You're now free to head to the altar for your Spirit Orb.