Majora's Mask Sword Quests

There are a few different upgrades that Link can get to his swords in Majora's Mask. Below is a listing of all the upgrades and how they are acquired.

Razor Sword

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  • If you pay them 100 Rupees, they'll sharpen your sword, making it do twice as much damage. It only lasts for 100 strikes though...

By far, the coolest looking of all the swords in this game. This bad daddy does twice the damage of your Kokiri Sword! Unfortunately, it is only as good as the Rupees you put into it, and after 100 sword slashes, it will revert to its old form. =(

Gilded Sword

Main article: Gilded Sword

There are a few steps to get this. It is easier done after you have already completed the Snowhead Temple and saved.

Your Kokiri Sword will now do twice as much damage, and never dull! This is the second best Sword in the game, and it is most certainly worth the trouble you went through to get it.

Great Fairy's Sword

Main article: Great Fairy's Sword

The Great Fairy's Sword is actually the reward for collecting all the Stray Fairies in the Stone Tower Temple. See the Majora's Mask Stray Fairies guide for locations of all 15 Stray Fairies.

The strongest sword in the game. Does four times as much damage as the sword you start with. Unfortunately, it is an item, meaning you have to assign it to a button. You cannot use it while also using a Shield. That and it has an awkward swing angle... All well...