Magnifying Lens

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Magnifying Lens
Thumb g-magnifying-glass.jpg
Artwork from the Official Link's Awakening Nintendo Player's Guide



Seeing things unseen[1]


"You've got the Magnifying Lens! This will reveal many things you couldn't see before!"

— In-Game Description

The Magnifying Lens is the final item in the Trading Sequence in Link's Awakening. It is obtained from a hidden chest underneath the Mermaid Statue in Martha's Bay, which can be moved using a scale given to Link by the mermaid. Its main use is to read the "true path" through the Wind Fish's Egg. It can also be used to obtain the boomerang. The item is not required to complete the game, although it is helpful.


The Magnifying Lens has a passive effect; it is always active. It is primarily needed is to read the text of a book in the Mabe Village Library called "Dark Secrets of Koholint Island", which is too small to read without one.[2]

The lens can also be used to get the Boomerang. With the Magnifying Lens in Link's possession, he is able to see a Secret Goriya living in a cave on Toronbo Shores. He is willing to trade a Boomerang for the item in Link's B slot.[3] If Link accepts, he acquires the boomerang.[4] The Goriya allows a trade back at any time, with no consequences.[5][6] This is the only time a Goriya is shown in-game.

In the DX remake of the game, the Magnifying Lens can also be used to see an otherwise invisible Secret Zora living in the northeastern house of Animal Village.[7] The Photographer takes a picture of Link and the Zora.[8]



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