Magic Shop

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Magic Shop

The Magic Shop is a shop in A Link to the Past. It is owned by the witch, Syrup. The shop can be found in a small hut at the northeastern portion of Hyrule in route to the Waterfall of Wishing. It is located just north of the Eastern Palace Compound and east of the Hyrulian Cemetery.

Link can acquire Magic Powder from the Magic Shop. In order to do so, Link must first obtain the Mushroom from the Lost Woods. Link can then bring the Mushroom to Syrup, located just outside the shop. After leaving the screen and coming back, Link can enter the Magic Shop and the Magic Powder will be waiting for him inside.

Inside the Magic Shop, Link can speak with the Hooded Shopkeeper who will give Link a free sample of Red Potion, which will restore all of Link's health.

Items for Sale

The Magic Shop specializes in Potions, but Link must have a Magic Bottle to hold the potions.

  • Red Potion - Sold for 120 Rupees, this will restore Link's Life Meter.
  • Green Potion - Sold for 60 Rupees, this will restore Link's Magic Meter.
  • Blue Potion - Sold for 160 Rupees, this will restore Link's Life and Magic Meters.



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