Magic Hags' Potion Shop

The Magic Hags' Potion Shop is a location in Majora's Mask. Situated in the forested area of the Woodfall region near the Woods of Mystery.[1] The Potion Shop naturally contains an assortment of odd potions, ranging from Red Potions to Green Potions and, under certain conditions, Blue Potions. [2][3][4] The shop owners are Kotake and Koume, two witches previously seen in Ocarina of Time though almost completely unrelated as per the laws of Termina.

Magic Hags' Potion Shop
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Link first encounters this area while trying to gain entry deeper into the Southern Swamp, however a Big Octo blocks the path. Link must save Koume who usually runs boat tours at the Swamp Tourist Center. The young hero navigates through the puzzling Woods of Mystery, with the help of a Monkey.[5] The young hero then finds an unconscious Koume and must go to the Potion Shop, where Koume's sister Kotake gives Link a free Bottle containing Red Potion.[6] Link returns to Koume and gives her the potion, the now revived Koume returns to her post running boat tours, this allows Link access to the deeper section of the Swamp.[7]

Potion Shop

Item Name Cost (Rupees)
Red Potion 20
Green Potion 10
Blue Potion 60


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