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Mabe Village Library
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The Mabe Village Library is a location in Link's Awakening. Found on the west side of Mabe Village, it holds a number of books available to read. Most of the books explain basic game controls or offer advice. However, there are two books of importance to Link's quest. The first, which is found only in the DX remake, reveals the location of the Color Dungeon. The other one can only be read after obtaining the Magnifying Lens. This book reveals the secret of how to traverse the pathway to the final boss of the game.



Selecting The Item That's Right For You

Main article: Selecting The Item That's Right For You

"'You can select your favorite item for the A and B Buttons on the Sub-Screen. Using different items, you can fight without a sword! Try many different things to find what's right for you!'"

— Selecting The Item That's Right For You

Located in the upper lefthand corner, Selecting The Item That's Right For You possesses a green cover identical to that of the Atlas of Koholint Island. It explains how to equip items.

Auto Map and Memo Guide Book

Main article: Auto Map and Memo Guide Book

"'You can see an island map by pressing the SELECT Button. The dark parts of the map are places you have not yet visited. Move the cursor and press the A Button to get more information about an area, or to replay the message you got there...' Ahhh! How convenient!"

— Auto Map and Memo Guide Book

The Auto Map and Memo Guide Book explains how to use Link's map. It is situated right next to Selecting The Item That's Right For You and has a red cover.

Secrets of the Whirling Blade

Main article: Secrets of the Whirling Blade

"'The Whirling Blade technique has been handed down from gener- ation to gener- ation by the family of the hero. To use it, hold down the Sword Button and build up your power. When you have enough, you can release the Button! Can you master this?'"

— Secrets Of The Whirling Blade

Secrets of the Whirling Blade hints at how to use the Spin Attack.

How To Handle Your Shield Like A Pro!

Main article: How To Handle Your Shield Like A Pro!

"'If you hold the Button down, you can defend your- self from enemy attacks, and you can fillip some enemies, too... Besides the standard shield there is also a mirrored variety which can defend against beams!'"

— How To Handle Your Shield Like A Pro!

Found in the upper right hand corner, this book instructs Link on how to use the Shield.

Fun With Bombs

Main article: Fun With Bombs

"'After you put a Bomb down, you can pick it up by pressing the Button again. You can then throw it by pushing the Button one more time. Did you know that?'"

— Fun With Bombs

This book details Bombs and how to use them.

The Properties of Warp Holes

Main article: The Properties of Warp Holes

"'There are some Warp Holes on Koholint Island. You can warp to and fro using these holes. If you jump into the Warp Hole at which you arrived, you will go to the next one in the sequence. You can only warp to a hole you have seen with your own eyes...'"

— The Properties of Warp Holes

This book describes Warp Holes. There are four Warp Holes on Koholint Island: one in Ukuku Prairie, Tal Tal Heights, East of the Bay, and Tal Tal Mountain Range.

Atlas of Koholint Island

Main article: Atlas of Koholint Island

When this book is opened, it contains a complete map of Koholint Island. Link can use it to find the names and locations of areas he has not yet visited.[1]

Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint

Main article: Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint

"Round and round, the passageways of the Egg... < < ^ > > ^ < ^ ?? ...Hmmmmmm, this book reeks of secrets..."

— Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint

This book is found in the bottom left-hand corner and is the only one that is necessary to the storyline. When Link first attempts to read it, the book is written in print that is too tiny to read.[2] However, once he obtains the Magnifying Lens from the Trading Sequence, he finds a series of arrows pointing in directions. There are three possibilites:

Option One: ←←↑→→↑←↑

Option Two: →↑↑→↑↑→↑

Option Three: ←↑→↑←↑→↑

These arrows are the directions to successfully navigate the Wind Fish's Egg to meet with The Shadow Nightmares.

Color Dungeon Book

"New world of color under the 5 gravestones. 3^ 4> 5^ 2< 1v Try with all your might. Open a new path! Whoever is worthy receives the power of color. I wonder what the world of color is?"

— Color Dungeon Book

Unlike the other books in the library, this one does not have a title.[3] It is also found only in the DX version of the game, on top of the shelves at the back of the room. In order to get it down, Link must run into the shelves with the Pegasus Boots, which knocks down the book and allows him to read it. Similar to the Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint book, it contains a series of arrows. However, these ones are always the same, and they describe the order and direction that Link should push the graves in the Cemetery to open the entrance to the Color Dungeon.



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