Ludfo's Bog

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Ludfo's Bog

The Ludfo's Bog is a location in Breath of the Wild.

Nearby Korok Seeds

Jump or dive into the circle of water lilies.

Spot the glittering trail, and run up to it and Examine it.

On top of the giant mushroom, complete the stone circle using 3 nearby rocks.

Reaching the top of the mushroom requires a lot of stamina / stamina elixirs, and Climbing Gear also helps.

Follow the trail of flowers that start from the large mushroom tree to the SW.

Getting to the top of the large mushroom tree might require a large pool of Stamina, Stamina Elixirs or Climbing Gear. The trail first goes south, and then turns east and north, ending at ground level.

Race from ground level just north up to the small mushroom.

Run over the treestump with the leaf engraving and run towards the circle of lights that appear to the south of it before all light orbs go out.