Lon Lon Milk

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Lon Lon Milk is an item in Ocarina of Time and The Minish Cap. It can be used twice, healing five hearts each use.

Lon Lon Milk
LonLonMilk Large.png
Lon Lon Milk from Ocarina of Time




Ocarina of Time
10 Rupees
The Minish Cap
100 Rupees


Restoring health


Ocarina of Time

Lon Lon Milk can be obtained with a Bottle by beating the Super Cucco Game, or bought for 10 Rupees. If Epona's Song is played near a cow, it will fill an empty bottle with Lon Lon Milk.

The Minish Cap

After unlocking Lon Lon Ranch, Link can buy Lon Lon Milk from Malon in Hyrule Town for 100 Rupees.