Level 2 (Ancient Stone Tablets)

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Level 2


Week 1, dungeon 2





Level 3 (Week 2)






Bomb Capacity Upgrade (Green-rupee.png 50, +10 bombs)



Level 2 is the second dungeon in Ancient Stone Tablets (BS Zelda No Densetsu: Inishie No Sekiban). It is located behind the Waterfall of Wishing, where a Mysterious Pond was in A Link to the Past.

Level 2 can be accessed only in Week 1. In subsequent weeks, the entrance is blocked by a Thief, who will give the Hero of Light a Big Bag containing any dungeon items (including the Heart Container and Ancient Stone Tablet) they did not collect during week 1.

Gaining Entrance

To enter the waterfall concealing Level 2, the Hero of Light must have Zora's Flippers. By default, these cost 300 rupees from King Zora in Zora's Waterfall - if the Hero has not collected enough money from Level 1, there is a bombable wall just south of Sahasrahla's Hideout with a thief inside, who will give the Hero 300 rupees, plus four treasure chests with 20 rupees each. This must be done before 23 minutes past or after 30 minutes past, however, as a rainstorm during this time means bombs will not explode outdoors. Buying the flippers during the rainstorm is useful, however, as King Zora's price is reduced to 150 rupees between 25 past and 30 past.

Recovery items of use include the potions of the Magic Shop, who make a single Golden Potion available for 50 rupees after 18 minutes past. Otherwise, the pile of rocks south-east of the entrance to Level 2 conceals stairs with a Fairy Fountain inside.

Dungeon Overview



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