Legendary Rabbit Trial

Legendary Rabbit Trial



Begin The Hero's Sword Main Quest
Locked Mementos Main Quest
Begin The Priceless Maracas



Take a picture of a Blupee


Silver Rupee


Talk to Peeks in the Great Hyrule Forest to accept this quest.


Peeks wants a picture of a Blupee.

One of the easiest ones to find is to teleport to the Ta'loh Naeg Shrine just above Kakariko Village. If the Blupee is in the Hyrule Compendium (#029) and it is set as the Sheikah Sensor + target, it should be going off already as you very carefully walk east and take a picture of it before it detects you.

Return to the objective marker and show the picture to Peeks for a silver rupee.

Quest Description

Completed Quest

You showed Peeks a picture of a Blupee.

The Blupee is a rare glowing creature that drops rupees when you shoot it with an arrow.