Legacy of the Rito

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Legacy of the Rito




Speak with Teba in Rito Village


Give Teba a Swallow Bow, 5 bundles of Wood and 3 Diamonds





Legacy of the Rito is a Side Quest in Tears of the Kingdom.


After completing Tulin of Rito Village, talk to Teba to start the quest. Teba will tell Link he's crafting himself a new Great Eagle Bow[1], and could craft Link one as well as long as he supplies the necessary materials[2]. After bringing them, Teba makes Link a Great Eagle Bow, and offers to create another one in exchange for the materials any time Link breaks or loses his previous one.


The Tulin of Rito Village Main Quest must have been completed.


  • With the Wind Temple completed and Teba's bow given to Tulin, go to Teba's house ( -3609, 1825, 324)
  • Speak to Teba again. He says he needs a new Great Eagle Bow after giving his to Tulin, and will craft one for Link as well in return for a Swallow Bow, five bundles of Wood and three Diamonds:
  • Bring the materials to Teba, and he'll craft a Great Eagle Bow in exchange.

Adventure Log

Step Description
Having bequeathed his beloved bow to Tulin, Teba says he intends to craft a new Great Eagle Bow for himself. He's willing to make one for you as well, if you collect all the necessary materials.

He will need a swallow bow, five bundles of wood, and three diamonds.
You collected a swallow bow, five bundles of wood, and three diamonds and brought them all to Teba. As promised, he crafted a Great Eagle Bow with them and gave it to you.

If your Great Eagle Bow breaks, he can remake it so long as you collect the materials again.


  1. "I was proud to bequeath my Great Eagle Bow to my fully-fledged son, of course. But...it does leave me without the bow I've used for so long. An elder shouldn't go unarmed, so I'll be crafting myself another one as soon as I can." — Teba, Tears of the Kingdom
  2. "If you want your own Great Eagle Bow, I wouldn't mind crafting one for you too while I'm at it. I'll need a swallow bow, five bundles of wood, and three diamonds." — Teba, Tears of the Kingdom